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offers the most robust up to date weight management services. In addition to successfully helping thousands of patients on their weight loss journey, she has obtained certification on obesity management from the Obesity Medicine Association.

Dr. Gabriel completed her doctoral project titled Multicomponent Behavioral Lifestyle Intervention program for Weight Loss in Black women. Working on this project allowed Dr. Gabriel to understand the struggles of those suffering with their weight and the strategies thatwould prove to be useful to help people make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Dr. Gabriels emphatic and caring nature will provide you the comfort that you need to be successful in this program. She takes her time to understand your struggle and develop a treatment plan meant to help you lose weight. She takes an integrative approach to weight loss- there is no one size fit all answer.

She will do a review of your physical activity & sedentary behaviors, nutrition & healthy eating habits, lifestyle factors: sleep stress, social support, mental health, alcohol and tobacco use and current and past used weight management strategies. Learn more about us. 


Treatment options include coaching, motivational interviewing, and the option to add medications oral or injectable to help you lose weight. She may also recommend supplements based on your specific circumstance.

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